20R 440W Pro Follow Spot (black)

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Item Name: 20R 440W FOLLOW SPOT Power Provide:AC100-240V,50-60Hz, Rated Power Consumpton: 530W Lamp Supply: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 440W or YODN 440W for OPTIONAL Lamp lifespan:1,500hours Effect: 13lm/w Similarly:98% Dimmer:linear dimmer Color wheel:5 color+ white Iris: can adjust Color temperature:3200-6500 color temperature +frost Center of attention:5-10 degree with Center of attention IP20 Mild size:828x348x314mm Product weight:26kg Stand weight:6kg Flight case size:1022×580×490mm Application Space: Apply Spots are such a lot regularly utilized in concerts, musicals and big scale displays where highlighting a selected mobile individual is crucial Tags:FOLLOW SPOT, EFFECT LIGHTING, AZCOLOR LITE, PRO FOLLOW SPOT, 20R Apply spot Free Shipping no longer together with south The united states, and mexcio
robust Mild Supply, regularly a prime-intensity discharge lamp with a prime color temperature.
“iris” to regulate the scale of the spot/angle of the beam.
manual device to switch the intensity of the beam, especially when an HID Supply which cannot be electronically dimmed, is used.
lens which may also be manually centered.
A few type of physical sight to lend a hand in aiming is on occasion added onto the lamp by the operator.


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