2x Chauvet Intimidator Spot 355 IRC White 90 Watt LED Light + Flight Case Bundle

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Package Come with 2 x Chauvet Intimidator Spot 355 IRC White 1 x Odyssey FZCHINT350X2W Chauvet Intimidator Spot 355 IRC White : The Intimidator Spot 355Z IRC is a brilliantly bright moving-head light with motorized focal point and zoom for crisp gobo and beam changing effects. Seven already installed gobos plus the marriage 6-pack provide you with numerous options for creating a novel search for every event. Master/Slave mode allows you to create an exquisite light show quickly and simply. Built-in automatic programs at the side of move-in-black capability make programming with a CHAUVETĀ® DJ DMX controller as simple as will also be. Odyssey FZCHINT350X2W : The FZCHINT350X2W moving head light road case holds two Chauvet Intimidator Beam/Spot LED three hundred/350s, or Spot LED 400 IRC’s. Features Come with an adjustable interior bevel foam designed with individual compartments for every light, Heavy-duty casters wheels and recessed hardware, stacking caster lid plates, and simple guide lid cover panels to call a couple of. There is not any want to be “intimidated” by long rough road trips when your gear is safe with Odyssey cases.
Exceptionally bright, 90 W LED moving head spot designed for massive events
Motorized zoom for brief-throw or long-throw applications
Beams at all times remain at the dance floor the usage of the built-in, cutting edge Totem mode
Easy navigation and whole text readout with the high-contrast, full-color LCD display
Works with the IRC-6 for wireless regulate and triggering


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